AI-Drafted Status Page Updates

Elevate your incident communication with drafted status updates. This feature simplifies the creation of clear, concise, and audience-appropriate status updates, reducing the cognitive load during high-stress incidents.


Drafted Status Updates will suggest updates for your incidents, helping maintain transparency with both internal teams and external stakeholders. By automating the initial draft creation for a given status update, teams can focus on refining the message, ensuring accuracy and appropriateness for the intended audience.

Creating and Publishing Status Updates

Generating Draft Updates

  • Open the update modal in the web UI
  • We’ll give you two options, internal update or external update.
  • Review and refine the draft to fit the specific needs and tone of your audience.

Audience-Specific Customization

  • Generate different versions of the update for internal and external audiences, ensuring that each message is tailored appropriately.
  • For external updates, the draft prioritizes clarity and non-technical language, while internal updates can include more detailed technical insights and team information.