Retro Collaboration

Most of the fields in FireHydrant's Retrospectives, as well as any Starred Events during the incident, allow for comments and reactions from users. This helps with facilitating open communication about any specific values or items and encouraging discussion asynchronously.

Accessing Comments

For any field where comments are available, click the “Comments” button below the field. If comments have been added to that field already, you will see a count of the existing comments.

Accessing comments on

Accessing comments on

Managing Comments


For any field or timeline item where you can add a comment, you will find an input field at the bottom of each commenting section where you can enter a new comment. The commenting input supports markdown, so you can add styling, links, block quotes and more to your comments.

FireHydrant supports GitHub-flavored Markdown.

Editing and Deleting

For comments that you have added to a thread, you are able to edit the content of that comment or remove it altogether.

Simply click the ellipses next to the comment to show a contextual menu with available actions.

Comments and Exporting Retro PDFs

Because comments are largely internal and review-oriented, they are not included in any exports of Retrospectives, including PDF, Google Docs, or Confluence.