Google Docs

FireHydrant supports retrospective data export to Google Docs.




FireHydrant recommends configuring Google Docs with a Google service account that has permissions to access Drive rather than an individual named employee account. This helps avoid issues if an employee were to depart.

Configuring the Integration

Google Docs tile on the integrations page

Google Docs tile on the integrations page

  1. Navigate to FireHydrant's Integrations page and search for the Google Docs tile. Click on the '+'.
  2. On the next page, click Authorize Application.  If you're not logged in, this will take you to the Google authorization workflow. Otherwise, you will be asked to confirm the integration.

Using Google Docs

Once you've set up the integration, you can automate exports via the Runbook step.



Exported retrospectives are stored in a folder named FireHydrant Retrospectives at the Google Drive root of the user who authorized the integration.

Next Steps