Markdown Support

You can use Markdown formatting to write structured content with FireHydrant. We support basic Markdown syntax with specific limits on which tags are supported. Here's a quick rundown of which tags are supported and the syntax you can use to create them.



If trying to format custom Slack notifications, Slack doesn't support standard Markdown but a custom markup language called mrkdwn. The styling guide below covers standard Markdown, which FireHydrant supports in most other Runbook steps and certain areas of the product.

TagMarkdown Syntax
Bold/Strong**bold**or __bold__
Italic/Emphasis*italic* or _italic_
Link[Display Text](https://your.url)
Unordered List- item
- item
Ordered List1. item
2. item
Nested List- Top-level
--->- Nested (4 preceding spaces per level)

1. Top-level
--->1. Nested (4 preceding spaces per level)

1. Mixed
--->- Nested 4 spaces in
--->--->1. Nested 8 spaces in
Pull Quote> text
Inline Code`inline code`
Code Block```
code block
Horizontal Rule--- or ***
Images![Alt Txt](
Tables| Food | Type |
| ------|------|
| Apple | Fruit |
| Carrot | Vegetable |