Profile Settings

Profile settings allow users to modify details and behavior surrounding their FireHydrant experience.

  • Profile- Users can update their names and email addresses and import Avatars from Slack if their Slack users are linked.
  • Linked Accounts - For integrations configured with FireHydrant, users will need to link their 3rd-party accounts with FireHydrant accounts to attribute users (e.g., ticketing assignees, meeting hosts, and more). The specific function varies by integration.
  • Alternate Emails - FireHydrant typically uses OAuth connections to match users between FireHydrant and other applications, but sometimes FireHydrant needs email addresses to compare (for example, Jira Server). Alternate emails help for applications with which FireHydrant cannot use OAuth to link accounts.
  • Password & Security - This tab allows you to change your password or request a password reset flow if you've lost/forgotten your password.
  • Beta Features - FireHydrant is working on many new features alongside improving existing platform capabilities. The user interface will show new beta capabilities, and individual users can opt-in.
  • Weekly Summary Email - Users can opt in or out of a weekly summary email that provides high-level statistics on incidents for the previous week. Each user's summaries will only include incidents they can access, which depends on their Private Incident Access. Users added to private incident(s) ad-hoc will see said incident(s) in the weekly summary.