Send an Email Notification

Send an email notification Runbook step

Send an email notification Runbook step

Communication during incidents is crucial, and organizations use a wide array of different mediums. FireHydrant offers a Runbook step so you can notify stakeholders with information about an incident over email.


To add this step, Create a Runbook or Edit an existing Runbook and click "+ Add step." Search for "email" and then click on this step.

This step has several fields you can configure:

  • Email Address - Recipient email addresses you'd like to email. Delimit multiple values with commas.
  • Email Subject - The email's subject line (supports Template Variables)
  • Message Template - The body of the email (supports Template Variables as well as Markdown)**
  • Sender Name - You can customize the name of the email's sender, which impacts how it appears in people's inboxes (supports Template Variables)

Optionally, you can also configure execution rules and conditions for the step.



At this time, the Message Template does not support direct HTML.

Runbook execution

When the Runbook step executes, it will send the configured email and message to the recipients listed. The most common use cases include:

  • Automatically at incident start, notifying an email distribution list such as support team members
  • When severity is critical or SEV1, notifying technical and/or executive leadership
  • If a specific service is impacted (e.g., login), emailing the iam-team email distribution